Poster Recto-Verso
50×70 cm – 500 ex.

Recto: Photograph of the Japanese sea printed on glossy paper
Verso: Sea Chart printed on Matte paper
Light blue represents Japan sea, Yellow sea, Chinese sea.
Yellow dots represents commercials Harbours in these 3 sea.
Osaka city is the central and biggest dot of the constellation.
Grey Lines represents the maritime commercial flux of concrete in the 3 seas.

Based on OCDE ressource,  Concrete was  the most massive raw material route though Osaka in 2011.

Ressource: OCDE and GEM-Frick visualisation.
Project in collaboration with César Ducruet, geographer and Stéphanie Quillon, graphic designer

JanKenPon(Rock-paper-scissors, 2013
JanKenPon(Rock-paper-scissors, 2013
JanKenPon (Rock-paper-scissors), 2013
JanKenPon (Rock-paper-scissors), 2013